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Monday, 1 October 2018

Coconut Seasons Hot Pot *.

Karen and I came to Coconut Seasons hot pot for a double date dinner.

Photo of Coconut Seasons Hot Pot - Toronto, ON, Canada. * COCONUT BROTH

We ordered the 4-people dinner set for $138. I think this is a good portion - as long as you have 2 hungry hippos with you! There's actually a lot of food but we managed to finish everything thanks to our hungry hippos haha. Clearly, P and J are our hungry hippos - actually more like food vacuums. (Thanks guys).

Highlights from this set menu:

Photo of Coconut Seasons Hot Pot - Toronto, ON, Canada. * COCONUT BROTH

* Coconut broth - after you cook the chicken in the pot, drink the soup! It's very sweet and delicious. Not oily after the server swoops away the oil at the top of the broth

* Lamb slices - yummy! Doesn't have a strong lamb taste to it for those who aren't big on the smell

* Corn - ha! It was actually a great item to have on the menu; the corn absorbed all the broth, making it very tasty.

One thing I think they overcharged for is the young coconut juice, for $5.99! 
I guess the money goes into the manual labour of cutting open the young coconut - pricey for its worth!

Overall, I'd come back to this place :)

668 Silver Star Blvd
Toronto, ON M1V 5N1
4.0 star rating

Toronto Oktoberfest *.

😻 Happy October 1st! πŸ˜»

Photo of Toronto Oktoberfest - Toronto, ON, Canada. * PRETZELS & ERDINGER BEERS

I didn't expect the amount of people that attended Toronto Oktoberfest this year! 

P and I got tickets to the VIP section, which was located at the left corner of the venue. The plus side of getting the VIP tickets is that there are nicer washrooms to use rather than Porta Potties haha! It also covers for 2 pint tickets.

General Admission covers only the entrance fee - beers & foods are additional charge. I actually think the GA seating area is more comfortable because there's more wind that blows into the area. The VIP area was more squishy (I'm surprised at the amount of people that bought VIP tickets!!). 

* Erdinger beers - I'm not a big fan of beers, but this was not dry and bitter - which I liked!
* Pretzels - A very addicting pairing with the beers

Overall, an interesting experience with lots of singing & dancing involved!

955 Lake Shore Boulevard W
Toronto, ON M6K 3B9

3.0 star rating

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Elmwood Spa *.

😻  Spa time with the girls! πŸ˜» 

We decided to do something more chill and relaxing for Jess's bachelorette party - Elmwood Spa!
The entire time we were telling her we're going to Woodbine beach so it doesn't seem THAT weird to get her to bring swimsuits.. Glad she enjoyed her experience!

Tidbit: If you're planning to get your pedicures done, remember to bring your own flip flops to change into! 

The rundown of the day:

* Water therapy session (steam room was available but we didn't go in)
* Lunch at the patio
* Massage / Facial
* Pedicures

😻  My main :)

😻 Getting our pedicures done!

😻  Congrats to LOVERRR

😻  To reiterate the relaxed-ness, we enjoyed a night of wine by the fireplace the night before

😻  and a night full of prezzies!!

18 Elm Street
Toronto, ON M5G 1G7

Mr Tonkatsu *.

😻 Woop finally something as good as the crispy pork we had in Hawaii!! πŸ˜»

Photo of Mr.Tonkatsu - Toronto, ON, Canada. * PORK KATSU

If you're looking for tonkatsu (crispy pork) that isn't full of excess batter, Mr. Tonkatsu is the place to go! P introduced this place to me and I loved it! I ordered the curry pork loin katsu. 
It was very delicious - I would've preferred it if the curry sauce portion was a bit more. 
Overall, very delicious. 

The miso soup and chopped cabbage salad are unlimited to refill! I'd definitely come back to eat :)

4.0 star rating

520 Bloor Street W
Toronto, ON M5S 1Y3

Friday, 17 August 2018

Restaurante Benazuza - Cancun *.

😻  Hola from Cancun!! πŸ˜» 

A quick update from Cancun for Restaurante Benazuza. I'd highly recommend this restaurant because the environment, service and food quality were top notch! We're going on excursions every day so it's been really fun packed! Jet ski is one of them!

😻  Jet ski pic from earlier in the week! πŸ˜» 

Loved my experience at Restaurante Benazuza located at The Pyramid in Cancun. 

Service was excellent and we all had a great time dining here.

We had a cocktail bar with 2 bartenders serving us prior to our main course - it was fun trying the different types of cocktails (one even in a jelly-form!). We moved onto the dining room where we reserved the private room for our group. We had 6 servers in total!! Everyone was very attentive.
The menu for the night was as follows:


1. Old fashioned cocktail

2. Pina colada - infused pineapple with rum

3. Shot: mascala (tequila) smoked mango strawberry - tastes like smoked bacon!


4. Popcorn - not just your regular popcorn, it tastes like crunchy candy!

5. Patchapower - fermented pineapple with beer/ vodka lime infused foam

6. Pig tacos - carnita - pasta mushroom sauce
7. Fish and Chips - caramelized pork skin / dehydrated potatoes
8. Strawberry with liquor infused mint

9. Beets with pork skin and kimchi sauce

10. Taco salmon

11. "Sea paper" - seaweed with shrimp

12. Taco with hibiscus

13. Tasktacan Chips with pork

14. "Bao" with pork - it tastes like Cantonese Cha Siu Bao!

15. Tortilla soup - Oaxaca Chile and cheese

16. Cucumber stuffed with grouper, beets and coriander foam

17. Turbot fish salad bacon Italian dressing and mango sauce

18. Turkey , Mayan Chiles sauce, hard boiled egg

19. Tetaquis-cucumber slush caramelized Apple with celery

20. Chia dessert - cookie biscuits lime marine

21. Truffle balls - mini coconut cream and rum
22. Liquor candy on the map of Puerto Vallarta - tequila shot with honey

Shoutout to P for recording all these detailed menu items!! :D

😻  They gave me a rose at the end of the night! πŸ˜» 

😻 Thanks for the lovely dining experience! πŸ˜» 

5.0 star rating

Blvd. Kukulkan S/N
77500 CancΓΊn, Quintana Roo

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Kisa Korean BBQ *.

Stumbled upon KISA Korean BBQ when my family and I were visiting Daldongnae for dinner. 

It was under construction and the person at Daldongnae asked us to visit their sister restaurant, KISA Korean BBQ! I like KISA's location a lot better because of how spacious it is! 
Also, tidbit for those who are driving - there's parking at the back of the restaurant.

I'd recommend the beef options over the pork options. It's a bit pricer but the quality of the meats tastes better. For the sides, I'd recommend the kimchi cold noodle and also the spicy cold noodle. It's a savoury and appetizing pairing with the meats. All the side dishes are unlimited refills! 

My fave is the cheese x corn :P Very addicting - I'll be revisiting for sure!

5.0 star rating

6347 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M2M 3X7

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Multiple Media Events*.

😻 Happy June! 😻

I've been slacking...!
Or.. just really busy lately :) So much events to update my blog with; I've decided to just update with one mass post with a little bit of everything. Once I have time to update the rest, then I'll be more detailed :P


First off - my friends and I went to Scarborough's Omescape to try their new room: Magic Academy
It is basically a bootlegged version of Harry Potter. We were able to escape!! They've incorporated a lot of "magic" / "spells" related things which we really enjoyed. Going with a group of 5-6 people is best. It allows 5-8 people but I think 8 is way too many.

Just have 5-6 people go if anything - 6 smartypants, that is :P 


Let's clear the path first - I did not participate as a contestant, but as an audience! My friends joined the ramen battle hosted at Hakata Ramen. The challenge was to finish as many ramen noodle refills as possible within 30 minutes time. It was a tough competition with titles like 'the Ramen King', 'Black Hole', 'All Carb Kings' etc. but the one that fought through was Alex!!

Congrats burger for winning a life time supply of ramen and $100 :)

😻 This guy πŸ˜»

😻 Black hole - Burger - Self-promoter (LOL) - All Carbs πŸ˜»


Finally we have our very own Poke place uptown!!
I went  for a media event to try out their poke bowls - very fresh and yummy. It is very convenient for those who live in the condos around the area. 
Tidbit: park at the parking lot where the carousel is.


Gong Cha released a new series of drinks!! It is very delicious - I really like sweetened popcorn. 
Thanks Gong Cha for all the cute swag bag items! (It's a phone holder by the way :))


Attended an event downtown to promote Naan and Kabob's Afghanistan foods.
My favourite was this baklava!  


One of my fave brunch locations after yoga with the girls - this time, I got to attend a dinner event instead! Highly recommending the Pad Thai Fries - it's nice and crispy with a touch of spice!

😻 Another favourite of the night is their pesto pasta - very creamy and addicting 

😻 Hank Daddy's Barbecue πŸ˜»

I used to find it hard to locate a good barbecue rib place uptown - until now! 
Hank's Daddy's Barbecue has really nicely marinated meats - I'd recommend their burgers & ribs. It's so delicious! Even their corn bread was really good :P